~my journal~

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Summer has gone by so quick. Between a full time job and trying to see friends as much as possible, I have very little time for myself. But I like it best this way- time spent with other people is not time wasted. Ever since I've been little, I have had ever-present anxiety about wasting my free time. No matter what I do with myself, I am convinced there is something better I should be doing. The outcome is almost always that I end up doing nothing (nothing productive, at least, nor mindfully unproductive). Somehow time with friends is the anxiety's loophole. My friends are what keep me grounded and make life worth living; any time I get with them is time to be treasured, no matter the activity. And now summer is ending and we will all go back to our schools hours apart and I will have to figure out how to be by myself.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

I finally have this page's skeleton laid out! HTML seems to be a lot of learn by doing, I swear it takes me 100 edits to get one thing working. I wanted a page like this to share my random thoughts with people because I'm tired of the pressure to perform on social media. Here on my site I can be faceless and talk to people that aren't related to me or in my contacts lol. On this page I'll probably keep track of site updates, vent about nonsense, detail my personal drama, or write about things that don't fit on other pages. Thanks for reading!